Download second-language (L2) speech research

L2 speech learning research
Here you can download reports of research carried out at the Biocommunication
Research Laboratory of the University of Alabama at Birmingham by myself and many

The research was supported by grants from the National Institute of Deafness & Other
Communicative Disorders (NIDCD).
Most of the work made available on this site deals with phonetic aspects of second
language (L2) learning. The work presented here may be of interest to those who
study foreign language (FL) learning in the classroom. However, it is important to
note that our L2 research focused on individuals learning an L2 naturalistically,
often after immigrating to a country where the L2 was needed for everyday use
and, indeed, economic survival.

Given the necessity of learning the L2 by most of our research participants, we
didn't find it useful to explore the role of motivation on speech learning. That topic
is, of course, of greater interest to those who study FL acquisition in the classroom.